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Polyhedral Sundial

Polyhedral Sundial

$ 76.00

The polyhedral sundial represents the height of knowledge of gnomonics, the science of the sundial. Since it has different sides, these are not illuminated at the same time. As the sun moves, it illuminates the sides depending on the time of the day and this way it can be seen from different angles.

This piece is a replica of the one created by Stefano Buonsignori, the court Astrologer to the Medici family in the 16th century, The sundial has eighteen hexagonal sides of which seventeen correspond to solar quadrants with different orientations and inclinations. A compass in the top enables correct alignment.

Made of wood, with gilded paper applique. Handmade - ready to ship now. Free shipping. Handling time may be a few days, depending on what do of the week you place your order.

Based on the original artifact in the Galileo Museum ( Institute and Museum of Science in Florence):

Height: 6.3"
Diameter: 3"

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