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About Us

The Obscuriosity Shop sells historical reproductions of scientific devices which are sure to delight curious minds of all ages. From catapults to astrolabes, our catalog of unique inventions offers the forgotten wonders of the past. Everything featured in this store is fully functional and each item is both educational and worthy of display. These are more than novelties, they are detailed and intricately designed devices which are not only decorative, but are inspiring tools of discovery and learning.

My name is Ross Sandberg.  I founded the Obscuriosity Shop in 2015 out of my interest for historical scientific devices and other curiosities. For many years, I have participated in historical reenactments and other living history festivals. My goal is to bring high-quality, historical reproductions to the United States market.

I partner with artisans in Europe and around the world to offer their amazing products here in North America. I have carefully researched the history and quality of these items to make sure that they are accurate and functional as well as beautiful.

They are more than just show pieces - many of our items are used by Living History reenactors and are featured in museums.  They are wonderful items to use for education and enrichment.  There is so much we can learn from the past, and we discover that our ancestors had an access to technology which is still astounding to modern people.

It is my hope that by learning to use these items, we can preserve a system of measurement and understanding that is more in touch with our natural world. By use of simple tools and observation, we can discern many amazing things without the need of electricity, satellites, smart phones, and computers. 

I hope that these items will kindle that inquisitive spark for anyone with the spirit of discovery.

Best wishes,

Ross Sandberg
Obscuriosity Shop