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Equatorial Sundial

Equatorial Sundial

$ 79.00

The Equatorial sundial is the simplest of all sundials, but also more versatile than traditional ones.  It can be constructed without any mathematical calculations, and can be used in any latitude. 
Basically, it has a semicircle where the equator is marked, and a central stick representing the terrestrial axis. Inclined properly to the current latitude, the shadow of the stick shows the time in the inner part of the circle.
The Equatorial sundial we feature is a reproduction of one made in Italy during the Renaissance of the 16th century. It is universal, it can be used in all latitudes. It can also be used as a calendar thanks to the small marker incorporated in the gnomon. 

Made of wood and brass. Comes with a booklet detailing its history and instructions for use.

Height: 7.5"
Diameter: 2.75"

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