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Anglo-Saxon Sundial Necklace

Anglo-Saxon Sundial Necklace

$ 56.00

This stunning piece is a detailed replica of a 10th Century Anglo-Saxon sundial which was found at Canterbury Cathedral in England.

It was used by placing the gnomon (the little stick) in the appropriate hole which corresponds to the current month. Then, it is suspended by the chain and faced toward the sun. The length of the shadow shows the current time. In this case, the times for prayers have been marked out by small beads.

The sundial is highly detailed, and with a bronzed top and gnomon, and the body of the dial is silver plated.

This truly unique necklace is a faithful reproduction of a real historic artifact. The inscriptions on the sides read SALVS FACTORI and PAX POSSESORI (Health to my Maker, and Peace to my Owner). 

Although we can't say for certain, it is possible that the original sundial was owned by St. Dunstan, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury Cathedral around 970 A.D. Dunstan was also canonized as the patron saint of gold- and silversmiths, since he himself was a silversmith when he was a young monk.

The Canterbury Anglo-Saxon Sundial comes with an information pamphlet and gift box.

Length:  8 cm. (3.15 in.)
Width: 2.7 cm (1 in.)
Thickness: 0.6 cm. (0.25 in)
Weight: 76 g. (2.6 oz)

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