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Astronomical Ring Sundial

Astronomical Ring Sundial

$ 62.00

This beautiful sundial is made of brass and acid etched.

It is an Equatorial type sundial and it is made up of a circle that represents the Earth's equator and a central bar that is the representation of the Earth's axis.

This type of sundial adapts the systems of the ancient armillary spheres of Erastothenes and Ptolemy.

Its invention has been attributed to the English mathematician William Oughtred (1574-1660), inventor of the slide rule, around 1600 becoming a very popular instrument throughout the 18th century. However, we already have evidence of the designs created by the Flemish manufacturer of scientific instruments Gemma Frisius in the mid-sixteenth century and built by his relative Gualterius Arsenius and which they called annulus astronomicus.

It is universal and can be used interchangeably in any of the hemispheres by changing the measurement scale.

It comes in a wooden box decorated with astronomical motifs, making it the perfect gift and is accompanied by a small brochure with instructions for use.

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