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Praxinoscope - Victorian (large)

Praxinoscope - Victorian (large)

$ 110.00

As much in the United States as in Europe, drawn images were animated by hand as a way of fun, using devices that became very popular in the middle-class salons.  It was discovered that if 16 images of a movement run successively in a second, the persistence of the vision puts them together and they are seen like a single image in movement.

A more elaborated instrument is Praxinoscope, from French inventor Charles Emile Reynaud, which consists of a circular drum with a set of mirrors placed in the center and drawings placed in the inner wall of the drum. When turning the drum, the drawings seem to come to life.

This large Praxinoscope is a recreation of the nineteenth century made by its inventor Emile Reynaud. The décor consists of several popular scenes of the Victorian era, where we can see the first public meetings around these new devices that were the forerunners of what the twentieth century  transformed into real show: the Cinema.

It´s accompanied by 25 reversible strips (total 50 different animated scenes) which are the first ones that Emile Reynaud created for to play in his invention. We included the four ones that Eadweard Muybridge made for his Phenakistoscope and also  a brochure with its history and operation.

The Praxinoscope we offer is quality construction, made of wood and metal just like the original ones.

Handmade in Spain, imported. Ships from USA.

Height: 10 in
Diameter: 7.5 in

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