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Miniature Nocturlabe

Miniature Nocturlabe

$ 34.00

This is a miniature version of the nocturnal astrolabe we offer. It is intricately detailed, and both the arm and disc rotate. It makes a wonderful adornment for your self or as a gift.

Nocturnals or nocturlabes, as they were sometimes called, are devices for telling the time of night. Their operation is based on the fact that the stars while remaining fixed relative to one another, appear to rotate around the North star (Polaris). It is of course the earth which is rotating and Polaris which remains fixed because it lies along the earth´s axis of rotation. As the others stars appear to rotate, their position at any moment indicates the time.

We offer 3 versions of the miniature nocturnal dial:

  • Keychain clasp
  • Necklace chain
  • Pocket-watch chain with clip

Please specify in the order notes which one you would like. By default, we ship the miniature nocturlabe as a Keychain.



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