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Classic Tarot of Marseilles

Classic Tarot of Marseilles

$ 40.00

78 Cards, Full Color
Limited Edition of 2000
Dimensions: 4.33 x 2.56 inches,
Publisher: Il Meneghello, Milan Italy

*Special Note* Unlike other tarot decks we feature which are printed on matte cardstock, this deck is plasticized (plastic coated). This allows for easy shuffling and dealing of the cards and is perfect for those who play the classic games of tarot decks.

The most widely circulated variant of the tarot is the Tarot de Marseilles. These designs, and the Marseilles ordering of the trumps, became the basis for occult and modern tarot decks. The Marseilles tarot itself almost certainly originated in Milan, and spread to France when the French occupied that city around 1500.


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