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Astrolabe Postcard

Astrolabe Postcard

$ 7.00

Astrolabe comes from Greek "astron" star and "lambano" to take, to look for, seeking of stars. It is considered the mathematical jewel of astronomy.

The invention of astrolabe is attributed to Diogenes Laertius. Other searches show that it was made up by Ptolemy, as he invented the flat astrolabe.

After falling in disuse, the astrolabe returned to be used by the Arab astronomers who meet for conferences at the House of the Wisdom of Bagdad in the first half of X century (Al Mamun).

The oldest astrolabe was designed by Nastulus in the 927 and it is displayed in the National Museum of Kuwait.

Here we present it as a postcard. It is functional, with rotating disc and arm, beautifully decorated.


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