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Zoetrope - Mandala style (small)

Zoetrope - Mandala style (small)

$ 42.00

As much in the United States as in Europe, drawn images were animated by hand as a way of fun, using devices that became very popular in the middle-class salons.  It was discovered that if 16 images of a movement run successively in a second, the persistence of the vision puts them together and they are seen like a single image in movement.

The word Zoetrope comes from the Greek  zoe (life) and tropos (turning).

The zoetrope or daedalum was invented in 1834 by William George Horner. It consists of a series of drawings printed in horizontal direction in bands of paper placed inside a rounding drum mounted on an axis. When turning the apparatus, the images in movement are perceived through a series of vertical slots in the middle of the cylinder.

It is accompanied by 36 animated scenes (16, 2 sided strips), which are a reproduction those used traditionally in those days.

The zoetropes we offer are quality construction made of wood and metal, just like the original ones.

Its operation is very simple: Place the strip you want to watch along the interior of the drum, give it a spin, and the effect of motion will be perceived through the slots.

Made in Spain.

Height: 6.75 in
Diameter: 4.75


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