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historical sundial for sale

Cylindrical Sundial (Large)

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Before the age of mechanical clocks, sundials of various kinds were used throughout the ages to determine the time of day.

This type of sundial was often called a Shepherd's sundial, as they were commonly used in to track the hour during long days out in the pasture. It uses the sun's height to measure the time, with the gnomon (the pointy thing) being rotated to the correct month. The length of its shadow falls on the scale, and the time is indicated by the nearest line on the grid.

The illustration is a colorized recreation of an engraving called "The frontispiece", by Frederik Hendrik van der Hove dated to 1650. It depicts the muse of astronomy Urania, surrounded by major known astronomers: Tycho Brahe, Nicolas Copernicus, Ptolemy, Galileo Galilei and the King of Castile Alfonso X the Wise.

It is topped with a brass cap, and mounted on a turned wood base.

Made of wood, brass, and paper. Includes a booklet with its history and how to use.

Dimensions: 10" x 2"

Hand Made in Spain.

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