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Nuremberg Sundial

Nuremberg Sundial

$ 53.00

A horizontal sundial consists of one dial plate, marked off in hours, and the gnomon which sits on the noon line and projects out from the dial plate.

In order to tell the correct local time, the gnomon must be parallel with the Earth's axis, or, in other words, that it should point towards the celestial pole. In the northern hemisphere, this means, for practical purposes, that the gnomon should point at the Pole Star.

This sundial is based off one created by Lienhart Miller in 1613 in Nuremberg.

Inside is an horizontal sundial, one more vertical and also a scaphe dial with sun-face motif for Italian hours.

The cover features a beautifully inscribed brass compass rose. As a clever touch, this sundial incorporates a weather vane which, when not in use, is stored small drawer on one side.

It comes in a nice box with a booklet with the history and instructions.

A wonderful pocket tool for the wandering scholar or wayward adventurer.

Length: 4.3 in
Width: 2.75 in
Height: 0.8 in

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