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Proverb Figure Cards

Proverb Figure Cards

$ 39.99

I Proverbi Figurati
Dig. M. Mitelli
Proverb Cards
Artist: Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (1634-1718)
48 B&W Cards
Limited Edition 0f 2000
Size: 3.54'' x 5.12 inches, 9 x 13 cm. (90/130 mm.)
Publisher: Il Meneghello, 1985

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli was one of the most prolific engravers of the 17th century. He leaves us with an overwhelming array of thought provoking works of many genres such as, political satire, pictorial commentary on life and culture, allegories of the sacred and profane, proverbs and playing card games.

This set of cards comes from a series of etchings about proverbs (short, pithy sayings of the day which gave advice).  They are an inspiring and fascinating look into the time period, with images of fantastical, dreamlike scenes as well as pictorials mundane life of the common man.

View a bio of this artist, which includes a detailed description of another one of his brilliant decks, produced by Il Meneghello, namely the 'Tarocchino Bolognese' or 'Small Tarot' of Bolognese.

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